1. EZ-1020W
    + EZ-1020
    + EZ-1030
  2. BT-2020W
    + BT-2020



























  ¡EAsynchronous chip: Independent keypad, special for Accountant or Financial staff.
  ¡EDouble injection crystal keycap with backlight
  ¡EBacklight design: More comfortable working in Dim light environment.
  ¡E19mm key pitch: Ergonomic design.
  ¡ESlim scissors key design
  ¡ESupport Bluetooth V.3.0 and update version
  ¡ESuitable for PC, Mac, Tablet, Mobile phone
  ¡Ekeys¡G19key + Num lock key (including Tab + 000)
  ¡ESize¡G137 * 88 * 18mm (20mm)
  ¡EN.W.¡G128¡Ó3 (gm)



Li-ion rechargeable battery: 280mA
Battery charging: Red LED on,
Battery full: Red LED off
Low battery: Blue LED twinkling in 100ms
Support Bluetooth specification .
iMac 10.6, or update version
Windows® XP¡BWindows® 7¡BWindows® 10 or update version
Tablet or Mobile phone for Android or IOS.